How to Leave a Lasting Impression with Your Next Event

As technologies become ever more entrenched in our daily lives, businesses need to become increasingly innovative and agile in all aspects of customer engagement. Customer engagement not only refers to email campaigns and sales calls but a holistic view of all touchpoints, including events and exhibitions.

With technology solutions such as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and mass-market video tech being more commonplace, your next event design has every potential to engage, excite and entertain with the right exhibition design and construct consultants.

But first, let’s understand what experiential events mean, and how the event and environmental design services in Singapore can help you realise their maximum potential for impressive design execution. Experiential design can incorporate multidisciplinary aspects, and it’s all about creating an amazing customer experience. According to CMG partners, “Experiential design is the art and science of shaping these moments so that people walk away feeling good about your brand.” While most may think that events are primarily a platform for face-to-face interaction, they can also be designed as a cumulation of a series of customer experiences, resulting in an apex of how you want your brand to be known and remembered by your customers.

Design execution services in Singapore are sometimes limited in their capabilities to deliver on experiential events due to a myriad of reasons. For example, not being able to provide events and exhibition one-stop solution to customers, resulting in additional management resources, which can be better invested in the event itself. A sound team of event design consultants should be able to tell you the different expects of experiential design, such as exhibition design, environmental graphics, entertainment and more.

What’s more, event design contractors who can understand how you want your corporate branding and corporate branding design to be represented will be much better placed to visualise and actualise your corporate story in an effective manner. What are some of the other questions you can ask to shortlist your event partners? Here are a few questions that can help you kickstart the selection process:

  1. Are my partners able to provide exhibition one-stop solution?
  2. Do they possess exhibition design and execution capabilities?
  3. Are there specialist exhibition booth designers or exhibition design contractors who can provide direct support to the team?

Once you’ve identified the right partners who can provide you with event and environmental designs expertise, you’ve already embarked on the right path to create a lasting impression for your customer at your next event. C Square Creative Communications is a leading multi-disciplinary design agency based in Singapore. With core strengths in design conceptualisation and project management; reinforced by diverse abilities in multimedia, video, graphics, and content creation, creating a multi-sensory experiential exhibition will be beyond just creating great designs, but also lasting relationships for our clients and their customers.

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