How to Become a BTMICE Expert

BTMICE (Business Travel and Meetings, Incentive Travel, Conventions, and Exhibitions) are traditionally large in scale, and requires more than the know-how of venue selection and event set-up.

BTMICE sector have seen promising growth in Asia Pacific, for example, a 6.2 percent spike in BTMICE travelers in Singapore. Besides its ideal geological position in the region, collaborations between the government and industry players to place the island city as a choice destination also played a big part.

The role of industry players, such as C Square Creative, is to bring in the human factor in making BTMICE travelers feel at home, even if they are miles away and on business. What are some of the common challenges a conference and seminar specialist may face? And how can you tap on our insights to become a BTMICE expert yourself? We have the answers.

A year’s work in just 3-days
For many conferences and seminars, delegates and organizers alike are pressed for time, and yet must be able to deliver crisp topics and take away as much as they can during a short period. Be it a sales kick-off or an international industry summit, esteemed speakers or presenters may also have difficulties confirming their availability until the eleventh hour. This makes planning the agenda of the conference or seminar exceptionally stressful. However, great seminar and conference specialists should be able to respond quickly, take extra steps to account for hiccups, and perform well under pressure.

Marked X on the Map
When conceptualizing an event, knowing the available resources like the back of your hand means having them at your disposal. In Singapore for example, where space is often limited, finding and securing the right venue can be a harrowing task. Therefore, it’s always wise to have a plan that is flexible enough to have both a primary and a backup venue – just in case. Planning ahead of time is always a plus as well. (Annual events often mean planning the next immediately after the current one ends!) On the other hand, for a market such as Indonesia, where different cities may boast large conference spaces, amenities and accessibility become primary considerations when selecting your BTMICE destination.

All work and no play
Lastly, even for the BTMICE travelers, it’s not just a time to get together for work, but a strategic event management partner will know how to plan an all-encompassing agenda. Singapore, with her rich cultural diversity and cosmopolitan lifestyles, can provide the stage for the best after-party to cap off the week, and a strategic event partner will know how to bring all of the above to life for you.

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