How Design Execution Can Make or Break Your Corporate Branding

Through volumes of research and psychology studies, we understand that our minds are built in a way to retain information better by experiencing something through our five senses. This knowledge is applied to everything from education to advertising and promotion. Experiential events are also another manifestation of how our senses can help us remember better. However, the interpretation and representation of an intended message, say a company vision or corporate branding, through events, may not always be successful if your event management and solutions partner isn’t the right fit.

Do your exhibition design and construct consultants understand your business? Do they know how your corporate branding should be translated into the actual design? Are they embedded in their knowledge of your business goals, and more importantly, your customers’ expectations? If the answer is “no” to any of the above, getting your corporate branding design translated into an experiential event may become more challenging, than exciting.

So how do we marry the technical capabilities of exhibition booth designers in Singapore and strategic exhibition design consultants to deliver on our client’s corporate branding vision? One of the ways we helped our client move beyond just “corporate branding” was to conceptualize an exhibition gallery design that not only communicates the client’s corporate message but also tap on the elements of storytelling that brought to life the theme itself.

This 4-month-long international event themed “Energy For Life” was held in Astana, Kazakhstan. The client wanted to showcase how energy was harnessed in Vietnam in the past, present and through to the future. This beautiful pavilion borrowed many elements from traditional Vietnamese cultures like architecture, riverboats and the iconic water wheel. C Square also built the Thai Pavilion in the same Expo.

Understanding how to execute a client’s vision is of utmost importance, and C Square Creative Communications goes beyond creating great designs; we believe in crafting effective strategies collaboratively towards business goals.

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