Experiential Conference and Seminar Specialist Marketing at its Best

Planning a corporate event is no easy feat, and global event planners and corporate event managers agree! These ‘veterans’ of corporate event planning unanimously agree risk management and pre-planning are vital factors to running a great event.  

C Square Creative Communications is a leading multi-disciplinary design agency headquartered in Singapore. Having five offices globally means we are scaled up to meet your expectations not just in a local market capacity, but also on an international scale.

In today’s era of social media and with the advent of technology, creating a truly memorable experiential event demands both experience and knowledge on the pulse of the market. With full teams with production facilities in Singapore and Dubai, C Square managed large-scale Conference and Seminar Specialist and experiential events such as IP week, Singapore Maritime Week, CAAS Aviation Open House, and World Expo 2017 in Kazakhstan.

Understanding the needs of our customers from a strategic, and goal-oriented perspective, we’re able to provide one-stop project management, supported by creative capabilities to execute across multimedia, graphics and content creation. We breathe life into our customers’ creative visions through our production facilities in not just Singapore, but also Malaysia and Dubai. What’s more, our team comprising of both digital natives and interactive solution designers brings to you a spectrum of innovative options for your next event.

Leveraging on these strengths, they allow us to work closely to our customers’ specifications, instead of having to work through proxies or third-party vendor product, which is a common practice in Singapore or Southeast Asia.  What that means for our customers is having an option to ideate, visualize, and execute all with the same, reliable contact.

What else? If you’re from a specialized industry such as technology, aviation, medical and pharmaceutical, oil and gas and others, it is imperative to have a partner who understands your business and target audiences for your events. With a global outreach network of more than 20 countries globally, C Square Creative Communications can pool together expertise and industry knowledge from all key regional markets, bringing an international perspective to your local or regional event. Consider an events partner who can think both strategically and creatively for you, so that you can elevate your next event to an experience that will be remembered for ages.

Learn more about our past event showcases.

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