Are Events Still Relevant for the Oil and Gas Industry?

There is no denying that marketing is more digitized today than ever before. Internet penetration has crossed 50% market in Asia alone, which means 1 in 2 persons in Asia can be reached via digital mediums and at a much more effective rate than traditional offline channels.

So are events still relevant for vertical marketing, for example, in the oil and gas industry? One thing for sure, the oil & gas industry is by no means slowing down, despite the global economic climate. Just a simple search online will show you that oil & gas industry events are still commonplace, with some of these key events such as OSEA, happening right here in Singapore.

Visitors to these events are no doubt expecting world-class set up by exhibitors from overseas and within the region itself. How would you stand out? Choosing the right exhibition design and construct consultants for your booth is undoubtedly an important step towards creating a successful event. Some event management and solutions providers in Singapore may tout themselves are leaders in event creation and execution, but nothing beats working with a core team of exhibition design contractors who have had hands-on experience, and good customer feedback.

Take our client as an example, the collaboration’s success was not just in great feedback on workmanship and management, but also in the business opportunities that stemmed from the event itself. We were not just stand builders for oil and gas companies in Singapore, but also here to create a flawless event experience for your customers.

Another hallmark of engaging an experienced team of exhibition booth designers in Singapore is the capabilities to scale beyond a local event, and to cater to cross-country, region-wide presence with remote partners, as part of a bigger team without having to compromise on quality. Contact our exhibition design consultants today to understand how you can achieve the same.

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